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Accessories @ Tropical Hookah Lounge

Get the complete hookah package from Tropical Hookah Lounge!

We have an excellent selection of hookahs available to use and to purchase! We serve our customers on authentic, real Khalil Maamoon hookahs that provide an exceptional hookah experience. We also have several designer hookahs available in different sizes. Come in and take a look for yourself! There is a type and design for any hookah lover out there.

Click on the images below for a larger, detailed look at our products!

Accessories @ Tropical Hookah Lounge

Are you a hookah enthusiast? Do you own your own hookah? Great because Tropical Hookah Lounge sells all types of hookah accessories for your hookah! Maybe you need another extra bowl or hose? We have it! Take a look below at the hookah accessories we have. Come on in and see them for yourself!

Starbuzz 100g only $14.99!
Ceramic Bowls

We have a lrage inventory of different types of ceramic bowls. They come not only in different sizes, but different colors as well!

Starbuzz 250g only $19.99!

Meant for smaller hookahs, we have a great design choice of mini-hookah hoses. Find that perfect color for the one you have!

Starbuzz 250g only $19.99!
Khalil Maamoon Hoses

Meant for the bigger hookahs, we offer sturdy, long lasting Khalil Maamoon hoses for your hookahs! Come take a look at the different designs we have.

Starbuzz 250g only $19.99!
Khalil Maamoon Bases

Need a replacement base for your hookah? All our bases are high quality glass bases that come with a designer rubber protector for the bottom! And even those are fancy!

Starbuzz 100g only $14.99!
Khalil Maamoon Stems

Sometimes stems become old or maybe you don't like the design of the one you have. We offer steel grade Khalil Maamoon hookah stems that last a very long time!

Starbuzz 250g only $19.99!
Khalil Maamoon Trays

Don't burn yourself with those hot coals! Place them on a nice polished, steel tray.

Starbuzz 250g only $19.99!

We hope your not moving coals with your car keys or worse, your fingers! Play it safe with our steel tongs so grab hot coals easily.

We sell the best hookah coals on the market that over an hour!

Our Coco Nara and Coco Jamra coals are natural, odorless and long lasting for the best smoking experience! We also have Sultan or Three Kings quick lights to start a session in a jiffy!

Tropical Hookah Lounge offers colored tips for your hoses.

We have plenty of different colored tips for sharing a hookah with friends. Ask us about special pricing on large quantities.

Why come here?

Come relax and enjoy a perfect made hookah! Experience hundreds of different hookah flavors from name brands like Al-Fakher, Al-Nakhla and Starbuzz!

Still not convinced? We have some board and card games that you can play here with your friends. Air hockey, pool and darts? We have it! Have fun while your smoking your favorite flavor! If you're not here, you're missing out!

It doesn't stop there! See for yourself why we're rated 5 stars! We provide you with the best customer service and appreciate anyone that comes to try it out. You can even have VIP parties here!


The Tropical Hookah Lounge strives to bring you the best hookah experience in Corpus Christi. We have hundreds of flavor combinations to choose from!

Reserve VIP Rooms!

We have large VIP rooms available for you to host large party groups! No party is too big for us. Call and ask us how!

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  • Email: info@tropicalhookahcc.com
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