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Tropical Hookah Menu

How many hookah flavors have you tried so far? Better yet, how many types of hookah flavor combinations? We have a ton of flavors and the count is only growing! The next time you come in, there might be a brand new flavor you've never tried!

All of out shisha (tobacco) is of the highest quality and 100% authentic! This stuff is the real deal! We pride ourselves in serving and selling the best products for you so that you have the best hookah experience possible! Take a look below at some of our flavors. New flavors are being added all the time!

Some of our Starbuzz flavors!
    Simply Mango
    Purple Savior
    Code Blue
    Golden Grape
    Irish Peach
    Peach Queen
    Simply Mint
    Queen of Sex
    Pink Lady
    Cosmo Power
    Grape Freeze
    Mint Colossus
Some of our Al-Fakher flavors!
Hookah Flavors!
    Sweet Melon
    Blue Mist
    Double Apple
    Watermelon Freeze
    Tropical Fruit
    Cosmo Power
    Coco Jumbo
    Code 69
    Fuzzy Lemonade
    Strawberry Daquiri
    UFO Exotic
    Peach Queen
We also have several different sizes of shisha to sell!
More Hookah Flavors!
    Sweet Drops
    Melon Blue
    Fuzzy Naval
    FLower Power
    Kiwi Strawberry
    Black Grape
    Hard Rush
    Pina Colada
    Hot Ice
    Wild Berry Mint
    Apple Mint
    Citrus Mint
    Lemon Mint
    Watermelon Mint
    Grape Mint
    Orange Mint
    Purple Savior
Classic Hookahs at Tropical Hookah Lounge!
Classic Hookah
Taste the flavor smoking out of an orange or apple!
Orange or Apple Bowl
Take it to another level with a pineapple or watermelon!
Pineapple or Watermelon Bowl

Drink Beverages

We have a great selection of refreshing drink beverages at the Tropical Hookah Lounge in Corpus Christi! Here are just some of the specialty drinks we have.

Lemon Mint Juice
Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Turkish Tea
Turkish Coffee
an many more!

We also have many different bottled beverages such as Coca Cola products, Sparkling Ice drinks, Sweet Tea, energy drinks and assorted health drinks!

Why come here?

Come relax and enjoy a perfect made hookah! Experience hundreds of different hookah flavors from name brands like Al-Fakher, Al-Nakhla and Starbuzz!

Still not convinced? We have some board and card games that you can play here with your friends. Air hockey, pool and darts? We have it! Have fun while your smoking your favorite flavor! If you're not here, you're missing out!

It doesn't stop there! See for yourself why we're rated 5 stars! We provide you with the best customer service and appreciate anyone that comes to try it out. You can even have VIP parties here!


The Tropical Hookah Lounge strives to bring you the best hookah experience in Corpus Christi. We have hundreds of flavor combinations to choose from!

Reserve VIP Rooms!

We have large VIP rooms available for you to host large party groups! No party is too big for us. Call and ask us how!

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Contact Us

  • Address: 1229 Nile Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78412
  • Email: info@tropicalhookahcc.com
  • Phone: +1-361-232-8640